Will GDPR affect cold emailing?

Will GDPR affect cold emailing? Most of us know that there are currently some drafts that are currently under review in the House of Representatives and Senate. Although many experts have looked at these as merely a PR move to bolster the legislation, we still have to wait and see what the final draft might do.

Will GDPR affect cold emailing

What we know

What we do know is that businesses will need to adjust their email marketing strategies in order to comply with the new regulations. One key area that will be re-examined is the use of personal emails on company email accounts. If you are going to be sending out lots of business related emails to potential client. You will definitely want to make sure that all of your personal emails are properly handled.

For instance, if you use Gmail, you probably already know that your emails will only show up in your inbox if they are relevant. They will not show up if they are just about random. With GDPR in effect, all emails from senders with Gmail will not be shown in your Inbox. This can be inconvenient. You can’t send any emails to anyone on this list if you want to continue doing business as usual.

What about newsletters?

Is that going to be considered personal email? Many newsletters will probably need to abide by the same rules as other types of personal messages. For example, many companies will ask that any promotional material including paid advertising or surveys be sent through a member’s only portal. Those that send out periodic updates about what is going on at work or in the community will also need to abide by those rules.

Linking to websites

Another area that will be examined is the possibility of linking to personal websites. The days of linking to websites like Facebook and Twitter are coming to an end. Even Google has gotten on board and has stated that links to websites containing adult content will lead to a user being banned. Will that change now that Google is the one dominating the search engine market?

If you have a blog, you have to be more careful in how keep in touch with your readers. You might still be able to include some links but make sure they are relevant to the content of your site. If you have included links that lead to a spam site, it is likely that your client will report it. It may even get you thrown out of the search engines or blocked on the internet entirely.

Will GDPR affect you if you pass on personal information such as an address or phone number?

As mentioned above, Google makes this very easy for its users to report spam. Spammers could easily obtain your email and use that to take out a new identity. There is always the possibility of someone using your address to take out a new credit card account as well.

This is why it is so important to make sure that everything about yourself and your personal information is kept to the best of your ability. It is also something that people should not do without. As long as you keep it secure from prying eyes, you will be fine. The good news is that if there is ever a problem, you will be able to report it. If you are worried about your personal information, make sure to use sites such as gmail and Hotmail or equivalent.

Will GDPR affect you if you wish to keep your email private? Some people feel that they have a right to send you commercial emails with content attachments and such like. This can include sales emails, press releases or anything else that is sent commercially. If you are sending personal emails with no intention of selling anything to anyone, then you should be fine.

Will GDPR affect you if you wish to send encrypted email through an unsolicited service? This is actually a legitimate question, one that has been asked by many people. However, you can encrypt your personal information with the person before you send them the email. If they  read the unencrypted version of the email, they would not be able to tell the difference. Therefore, in most cases this will not have any bearing on whether or not you can send emails.

Will GDPR affect your ability to solicit business?

As it is becoming more commonplace for businesses to use emails as a means of soliciting business, this should not have too much of a bearing on whether or not you can continue to solicit business through emails. The simple fact is that unless there is some kind of problem with the third-party funding source for the email, the problem of solicitors who want to use personal information in their efforts to contact clients will not arise. In other words, unless there is something illegal or unethical about the way that the email was sent, the problem of solicitors accessing the personal information contained within the email should not arise. This is true regardless of whether or not the emails were encrypted.

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