The Best Kept Secrets About B2b Sales Strategy Planning

A successful selling strategy is not just about Higher Sales but revolves around with a Happy Client. Certain simple initiatives and proactive approach can do the magic and bring to you more satisfied client!

Ever wondered about how the industries around you operate? Or how they get their sales boosted? 

Well, if you have, you are at the right place. The blog discusses B2B sales and sales strategy building in a thorough guided process. So, even if you are a non-specialist out there working your way to make it in the sales industry, you get to know precisely the Dos and Don’ts of B2B sales. Know your key reminders that need to be handy when it is time for you to step out in the field and get the client ready to invest in you!

Sales in B2B industries isn’t just a transaction rather more of an investment. If you already know this, you would agree that you need to be way more knowledgeable and aware of every detail of your product when it comes to businesses as your target market. It is this way because there are sharks out there, and you will get served as their food before you even realize it. There are only two ways of how it can go,

  1. They eat you up like their food.


2. With you or without you on their plate, they get their share of food.

Everything depends on the efficacy of the strategy you build. So, buckle up for the rollercoaster ride is nothing less than a roller coaster. But be assured, if you survive till the end, you will have your journal ready that will help you win the world over! 

What are B2B Sales? 

Let’s start from the very beginning, before you understand how to build a strategy around B2B sales, you need to comprehend what exactly you are dealing in.

Experts in the sales field explain B2B sales as a commercial transaction wherein both the seller and the buyer are businesses. This circumstance is where one company asks another for their material/service to finish their process and produce an output. This approach was traditionally practiced in the production and manufacturing industries. One firm provides raw material to the other business/company to aid their production process and produce an output that they can further sell in the market.

But today, B2B sales approach has broadened. B2B Sales is where the company’s primary focus for selling their products/services through knowledge consulting, business intelligence, latest infrastructures, outsourcing and supplying materials. B2B Sales is similar to any other sales transaction but certainly differentiates itself by its size and the cycle involved. In short, the buyer’s investment amount is higher, and selling cycles are long-drawn. 

Moreover, B2B sales are trust inclined, and these transactions are relatively higher and more prominent in the investment size. Thus, the trust factor acts as crucial for the sellers to gain their buyer’s confidence. There are four categories that b2b customers are categorized: producers, resellers, governments, and institutions. 

B2B Sales process 

The B2B Sales is a 5-step process that can help you build your B2B sales strategy and plan your next steps to gain more businesses under your umbrella. The five steps namely are: 

Step 1: Research about your Potential Clients:


As discussed above, B2B Sales is a process in which trust builds half of the deal, to get to know your prospects and let them know about you is crucial for you in gaining them as a client. Researching about your prospective clients is vital for you to know and recognize their needs and requirements beforehand and plan in alignment with your ultimate game plan.

Proactively talking about what they need before they tell you about it, will build your credibility by showcasing that you understand the market and can provide precisely what they are looking for and beyond. 

Step 2: Open-ended questions will be your anchor:


When talking to a client, apprehend this, they are your permanent clients. They will be a forever chapter in your company’s book; hence, always ask open-ended questions when you are talking to a new client. Let them answer all about themselves and listen.

Listening to a client’s needs and requirements is essential to understand and plan your operations. Understand where your client is coming from, and you can meet them halfway.

A good listener will always stick to the mind, let your customers know that you are here for them, and the rest will fall in line. 


Step 3: Offer them what benefits them the best:

We live in a highly materialistic world. If you think your client wants just your product, then you are wrong. They are looking for a solution for their problems, and you are going to be that only if you provide them with information that will not only help them in the short-term but rather a long-term benefit.

Examine about your client’s market and how they administer, understand their operations, and record the data as your pointers to guide them with business insights in the long run. If you give them more than what they asked for, they will always be keen to do business with you.

Knowledge is power, utilize it to gather their attention, and you will never lose them. 

Step 4: GPCT is the new ABCD of B2B sales:


GPCT stands for Goals, Plans, Challenges, and Timing.

A starting point for any sales process is understanding what your client is, what they need, and what resources they already have. GPCT methodology is a process of questions that you as a seller need to answer to qualify a client, understand them better and provide them with efficient service.

List the goals your client has, know what they plan to do to achieve the goals they have, gather the list of challenges that your client might face in attaining these goals, and the last is when they plan to finish achieving the said goals. The GPCT provides you with a preview of all that you need to do to serve and satisfy your client the best. 

Step 5: Close the doors for your Competitors: 

Win the client over!

The last and most elemental of all the steps in B2B Sales is to close the deal to close the doors for your competitors. Understand what your client needs, plan a process that will help them, and at last, make them stay with you forever. If you go through your clientele and their respective interests, needs, and requirements, you can easily categorize and build an effective strategy to help them. And that is what the B2B sales process starts from. Unlike any other method, B2B Sales is an ongoing process. ‘s continued efforts that you make on your part for your clientele will choose you as a long-term business partner.

The right start for your Start-Up 

B2B Sales for a start-up might be a considerable headache, and as a new business, it is challenging to create trust with new prospects. But worry no more, I have got your back. I have with me pointers to add value to your start-up B2B sales strategy that will help you prepare for the future! 

Identify the needs of your target markets.  

The first step is to list down the needs and requirements that are common in your target markets, understand where the need arises from, and understand the nature of the condition itself. 

Build personas for your prospects. 

Building personas of your prospect is essential. By doing this, you not only can successfully gap the voids but also understand deeply how your target prospects operate. 

Build a buyer’s experience for your customer.


Remember, you are the Charm! 

Building a rapport with your customers is essential for a start-up. Make a connection with your buyer, and never will they think of replacing you. 

A goodbye note 

A friendly goodbye note for you!

Your future B2B sales specialists should never leave your customer without a goodbye. Make sure you treat them well and let the sales transaction be beyond just a commercial transaction. It is very crucial to connect with your customers, add value to their operations and quality to their results. With a strong relation and trust you will never be alone.

Do let us know in the comment section about our article and your stories of B2B sales targeting. We will surely help you in any way you need. Just comment away is your saviour!

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