How to add a personal touch with sales emails?

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There are several things you should consider when creating and customizing your own sales emails. Empathy and some basic knowledge about your recipient are a good start; the more you can relate to what the recipient is going through, the more likely you can give them something of real value. It’s also important to keep in mind that personalized email messages can sometimes work better than promotional emails.

Why to personalize your sales email?

By personalizing your sales emails, you can help people feel more appreciated. People respond better to gifts, including ones that have an emotional value. Salespeople who go out of their way to make sales and show concern for the needs of their client will always leave a positive impression. This is why it’s so important to keep up with the latest trends in email marketing: having your personalized information in the most current fashion is good business.

You want to be able to create an email that conveys a sense of personalization. So, how do you do this?

A picture worth than thousand words

First, take a look at your business email template. Make sure it doesn’t use text-based formatting, and that it hasn’t been outdated with the times. Even if you use lots of images and other visual elements in your sales emails, they should still convey clarity and simplicity.

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Tell a Story or Poem

Second, think about what personal touches you want to include in your sales emails. Do you want to write an email in the form of a story or poem, with the customer’s perspective? Do you want to include an element of humor to catch the reader’s attention? Perhaps you’d like to offer your own interpretation on a particular situation, or share some tips for keeping your sales team motivated.

Making sure the “story” or “poem” you’re telling fits with what the customer is interested in hearing. Of course, the customer might not necessarily understand all of your vocabulary, but they’ll recognize characters and scenes. This will help you communicate more easily with your customer. Think of the last time you shared something with a friend. It likely involved talking in a language that both of you understood.

Mirror and Match

If you can speak to them in their language, it’s much easier to sell them on the product, especially when you’re discussing an experience that they’ve had. So, when you’re composing your sales letter or email, don’t focus on how you can write “hilarious” sales letters. Just share information about yourself and your business with the prospective customer.

Don’t Over Sell:

Personal touch with sales letters also means that you don’t want to oversell. Asking people to opt in to your email list means that you have to give some information away. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to tell someone their life story or provide a list of all the things they’ll gain by giving you their name and email address. Tell them what sales letters you’ve written in the past, or share some information about yourself, and then point them to the resource materials in your website (or from a YouTube video) to learn more about that particular topic.


It involves being conversational, being personable, and being willing to share some information about yourself and your business. So, once you’ve written your sales letter or email copy, take some time to make sure that it shares this common theme. And remember, your sales letters and emails are the way you start out a relationship with your potential customers, so don’t forget that when you’re crafting your campaigns.

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