Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for building professional relationships and learning about the market in-depth. But lately, with the times changing and evolving, the need for the development of a focused platform for sales and lead generation became vital. LinkedIn stepped up its game when they furnished the new tool for lead generation to their list of tools that they serve. It is called the ‘LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is a tool that equips you to acquire commercial for your company while also helping you build a more robust network and add to your professional proficiency.

When we say ‘Change is the Only Constant, it conveys an inevitability to upgrade with technology and requirements!

In this article, I will show you how to use LinkedIn sales navigator, for whom this tool is the most beneficial, and why it is crucial to stay up-to-date with your LinkedIn profiles in this world of modern-day markets all around you! 

What exactly is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool designed to cater to the business-related upfront and your operations. It focuses on creating a platform for you to sell your products from the portal of LinkedIn. This tool helps you build lists of potential prospects for your business who are already looking for something similar to what you have with you. It is an excellent platform for business owners to find the right prospects for their business and build trustworthy and robust professional relationships with these buyers.

As the tool is a bonus of the LinkedIn world, it helps in B2B sales. It is a purely focused portal on creating a balance between the business lead generation and the professional relationship-building aspect. If you are a seller who wants to set up their business on a platform built in favor of the business world, LinkedIn Sales navigator is perfect for you, and if you are not one of these business owners, I would recommend you become one.

The tool is designed to focus on the sales professionals and combine a bridge between the network data world with your accounts and leads. Imagine a world where you can know your prospects and help you pitch your products to them. This scenario is better than “best-of-the-worlds.” It is best of all the worlds a business owner needs to exist in, as it blends the communication and the result altogether! What are you waiting for?

Oops! I forgot to tell you how this tool works; read on below how to use this beneficiary tool to increase your sales! 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: the workings! 

Here is a guide for you to help you understand the process of how to operate the LinkedIn Sales navigator: 

Select your sales preference: 

Sales preferences refer to the criteria you have to set so that the navigator knows what kind of leads you are looking for exactly. The requirements include the region, industry, function, and seniority level of the tips you are looking for in your business. The navigator will then show you leads per the criteria that you have set. This feature helps you shorten the time duration that the process of screening takes. To set the standards, hover over the tab of EDITS and select EDIT YOUR SALES PREFERENCES; a scroll-down questionnaire would appear in front of you, fill your answers according to your needs. 

Key features that make LinkedIn sales navigator the best in the market 

There is a long list of 9 elements that are provided by LinkedIn Sales Navigator that makes it the best tool for sales professionals that exists. Read on below to find out what exciting things this beautiful and efficient tool holds within: 

Advanced Search: This is one of the most loved features of all because this feature holds within 20+ advanced search filters that will help you create a search campaign for your prospects more in-depth and help you direct your efforts towards the best-suited personnel for your business. You can streamline your search for opportunities with keywords, titles, and company fields that will allow you to find the best prospects and build a better and efficient network for exploring your potential. 

LinkedIn InMails: This feature of the LinkedIn sales navigator enables the users a version of email or direct message that helps them connect with their leads. The amount of spam emails is increasing day by day, and that makes a person less liable to check their emails, but with LinkedIn Inmails, you can cut short the chances of ending up on your prospect’s spam list and reach better. 

Job Change alerts: This feature of the LinkedIn sales navigator lets you know whenever your prospects have changed their jobs. That makes it easier to screen through the leads who look for jobs or understanding what your potential is thinking, at least on the professional upfront. This option is also a great conversation starter for you with your prospects. For instance, you can congratulate them on their latest achievement and/or step out and reach your potential client to build a professional connection with them through a personal message. 

LinkedIn groups: This feature of LinkedIn sales navigator helps you jump through the painful activity of finding relevant groups on LinkedIn to engage with. This feature allows you to look for functional LinkedIn groups and engage with the member inside. There is a positive chance that you may find a relevant group on your own. At times, the groups that seem important might contain content that is not useful for you. Still, with the LinkedIn groups feature of the LinkedIn sales navigator, you can find your niche very easily. 

View similar: Once you start with a sales navigator, it will help you find relevant leads, but lead generation is an ongoing process and requires a considerable number of prospective leads. To multiply the number of appropriate footprints, you can add on this feature to enable you to find similar tips from your target market through existing leads, which will help multiply the number of people you consider your prospects quickly and efficiently. 

“Posted on LinkedIn” filter: This filter by LinkedIn is designed to get their users relevant data of their prospects without having to go through the painful process of screening through a vast number of profiles. The add-on bonus of this feature is the “posted content keywords” filter, which will help you find posts of your prospective leads according to the keywords relevant to your business. 

Tag your prospects: This is a conversational feature that will help you add tags and notes for your leads that might be helpful for them and help them connect with your content on a personal level. Customized content is the future of content marketing, and with this feature on your perusal, it will be an easier task for you to customize your content according to your prospect’s needs and requirements. 

Boolean searches: It is the most efficient of all features as they help you streamline your searches with keywords with operators like “and,” “not” and “or,” which makes it easier for you to refine your searches with quotes as well as these added operators that are mentioned above. 

Save searches to save time: LinkedIn sales navigator is a vast resource, and if you are as passionate about your business as I am, you will end up searching for your prospects all day every day, but it is excruciating to add the same search terms every time you sit down for searching, but with this feature of LinkedIn sales navigator you can save your search terms which in turn keeps your time, and provide your search terms as suggestions even if you type in just one word of your search term. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is both an efficient and effective tool for the sales professional. The features added make it very efficient to find your prospects and save your network data. Networking and sales combined are what make this platform future-ready!

Let us know in the comment section below how did you find this exceptional technologically upgraded tool!

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the most premium offering by LinkedIn especially designed for the sales professionals looking to generate leads and build a pipeline by providing the right stage for crafting the growth opportunities. It consists of improved visibility to extend networks, a powerful set of search capabilities, and personalized algorithms to assist you in reaching the right decision-maker. Though it is crafted for salespeople, it can even be used by individuals, teams, or businesses to use LinkedIn Sales navigator to unlocking the best of LinkedIn. 

Sales navigator V/s LinkedIn premium

LinkedIn Premium could be a great service for an individual LinkedIn member, while LinkedIn Sales Navigator is tailor-made for the sales professionals.

Linked Premium offers you 15 InMails per month, who has viewed your profile, Business & Job Insights, Unlimited people browsing, LinkedIn Learning & Open Profile.

On the top of LinkedIn premium accounts features, LinkedIn Sales navigator offers you the features like Advanced Lead and Company Search, Lead Recommendations, CRM Integration, Real-time Sales Updates, Notes and Lists, Who’s Viewed Your Profile, InMail Messages, Saved Leads & Accounts, Smart Links Presentations, TeamLink, On-platform prospecting, Sales spotlights, Lead recommendations, Additional InMail credit making it a gold mine for lead generation.

Why should you go for LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

You are very well aware of how cool LinkedIn and you will love the LinkedIn Sales Navigator because it is a critical tool for finding & generating leads and early to generate early traction on LinkedIn. It can be of great worthy platform B2B & outbound sales professionals or founders. The level of targeting you get with Sales Navigator is not possible with any other platform or database. To put it into short, you need LinkedIn Sales NavigatorIf you’re looking for the relevant contact insights to shape deep customer relationships.

How to set up a sales navigator on LinkedIn?

It is effortless to start with your sales navigator on LinkedIn. 

  • You will be required to have a LinkedIn account for that. 
  • After selecting a plan, unlock the sales navigator by paying for it; you will receive a link in an invitation email over your registered email id with a LinkedIn account to the Sales Navigator login screen.
  • Then you will be required to complete the onboarding process by providing some the basic information
  • Then, you will need to sign in to your Sales Navigator account from the login page by using your email address and password registered with your LinkedIn account. (You will need to feed your email address and password again If you’re already signed in to your LinkedIn account.)

How to access Sales navigator from the LinkedIn homepage after registering?

  • You will have to click the Sales Navigator in the top right corner of your LinkedIn.com homepage.
  • If you don’t see the Sales Navigator icon, click the Work icon and select Sales navigator from the menu.
  • Enter the registered email address and password to access the sales navigator.
  • Click Sign In to see the Sales Navigator homepage, which will open in a separate window.

Linked in Sales Navigator allowances and Limits: 

1. How many leads can you save in the sales navigator?

You can save a lot of your valuable time as a Sales navigator allows you to save up to 1000 Leads as well as search parameters 

2. How many Inmails can I send with the sales navigator? 

Although the number of Inmails is still limited, the sales navigator is the most effective tool of LinkedIn to engage leads. You will be eligible for 20 monthly InMails, 30 for the Sales Navigator Team, and 50 for the Enterprise account. And the cherry on the cake is that you will be credited back if you get a response to your emails regardless of positive or negative.

3. How many connection requests can I send on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

It is recommended to send around 200-225 connection requests per day using a sales navigator (should spread connection requests throughout the day). Sending more than the advisable connection requests might lead to the suspension of the account.

4. What does viewed mean in sales navigator?

The Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature of sales navigator shows you the people who have looked at your LinkedIn profile over the last 90 days. You can easily trace the people who viewed your profile by clicking the number under Who’s Viewed Your Profile.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Proven Methods and Growth-Hacks

Sales Navigator by LinkedIn is a modern-day tool used by the sales guys, and there’s a lot you can do with its various features. And here are a few of the proven hacks to explore and incorporate the best sales tactics using the Sales Navigator.

1. Scraping groups

The feature of the group searches of Sales Navigator will help you trace your target market and automate your reach by scraping its members. And this hack is straightforward –

Ø Trace a LinkedIn group where your target audience is.

Ø Once you know where your target audience is, scrape the members of it 

Ø Now it’s time to connect them with help.

Ø Draft your connection message templates and automated follow-ups

Ø See the magic, how you automatically engage with them

Posted content keywords growth hackContent keywords are the prime tactic of today’s marketing and sales. And post content keywords growth hack for Sales navigator can make your job easy. Here is how it works –

Ø You will be required to filter your lead search with the posted content keywords section.

Ø Use the appropriate outreach template to connect them for the hack’s success.

You can use the same tactic for a valuable upfront outreach campaign powered by LinkedIn using a powerful piece of content (e.g., article, ebook, etc.). Through such initiatives, you can offer your leads upfront (for free), tempting them to accept your request and engage with your content.

Here is how you can use your content –

Ø Search with the posted content keywords to trace whom you know is interested in your niche.

Ø Now, you need to send out a connection request introducing yourself and the content and start with your engagement. 

You can even set an automated follow-up with a copy of your content and keep following up.

  1. Connecting with local leaders

Everyone wants to connect with the influencers and business owners in your area with a few simple below steps – 

Ø Do a detailed LinkedIn Sales Navigator customized search (e.g., IT startups with 1-20 members based in your province) for your targeted geography. 

Ø Send a connection reques0t to them.

With few quick tips can be a great help for you:

Ø Make your LinkedIn profile sound and start slowly sending connection requests every day and gradually increase the connection requests with monitoring if everything is going well.

Ø Keep your LinkedIn profile optimized and updated by making your tagline and summary your voice as you do outreach.

Ø Creative content is the key to portray your knowledge and expertise in your niche and attracting people to connect with you.

So, is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth the money?

With the effective tactics to engage with your target audience, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is worth the money. You can tempt your prospects and pump their interest with the help of Sales Navigator and can achieve wonders.

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